Football Betting 101: the 1×2 market


PSG in the most popular soccer betting market – 1×2:

Paris Saint-Germain is one of the most popular football teams these days, so, naturally, they’re also protagonists in the football betting markets. Let’s learn how to bet on the team of Neymar, Messi, Mbappé, Sérgio Ramos, Marquinhos, and other stars and discover how you can profit by putting money on the success of these soccer stars.

Understanding soccer odds

There are different systems to bet on football events. The fractional system is more popular at British betting shops, moneylines are popular in the US, but the most popular (and simple) betting odds system out there to bet on football is the decimal system. We highly recommend you select this odds system at any site of odds comparison or bookmaker, and our articles will focus on them as it is the most efficient out there. We’ll also have a betting guide comparing the odds system and showing how they are mathematically equivalent, but for now, let’s focus on decimals.

Decimal odds: football 1×2 betting

These are the odds for the upcoming UEFA Champions League game between PSG and Benfica in the coming midweek, valid for matchday 4 of the 2022/23 UCL season. Selection 1 –  Victory of PSG: 1.40 Match draw – selection X – 5.32 Selection 2 – victory of Benfica 7.52 These odds represent the potential prizes that you can win if you bet on each of these selections. Let’s simulate some scenarios, for bets of €100 on each potential betting result. PSG victory: €100 * 1.40 = €140 Match draw: €100 * 5.32 = €532 Benfica victory:  €100 * 7.52 = €752 As you can see, betting odds are multipliers that determine the potential prizes. Different potential match results don’t have the same chances of happening. This is proved by statistics and it is the reason why professional bettors often thrive. So when you hear someone saying ‘both teams have the same chances, they have the same number of players or anything like that, now you know that’s not true and you can even make money off your betting knowledge and football expertise.

Other soccer betting markets: Asian Handicap, Over/under goals, cards, and more

There are numerous markets to bet on a football game. You can bet on the match result, but there are several secondary betting options for you. These include betting on the number of yellow cards in a game, whether there will be a red card, the number of goals in a match, and even the number of corner kicks. You can also bet on the precise moment of the game when goals will be scored, the correct score of the match, if a specific player will score a goal, and more!

Summary: PSG football betting markets

PSG is a team that often wins in the 1×2 markets, and the odds reflect that. For that reason, many players focus their attention on the Asian Handicap markets to bet on PSG. Check out our fresh betting guide by clicking here. Keep an eye on our home page for more betting guides and previews to help your profit from your passion for PSG!

Introduction to Asian Handicap: Betting Guide


How to bet using Asian Handicap odds – AH Betting 101:

Before we start, in case you don’t know anything about football betting, you may want to check our beginners’ guide to football betting. Asian Handicap betting is a rather advanced system used for specific purposes. Professional bettors enjoy this system because of some peculiarities that we’ll learn here. The subject will be covered with our series of Asian Handicap betting guides. You may have heard some people saying that AH betting is complicated. It’s not that hard, all it takes is to learn step by step, but once you grasp it, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the markets of the professionals, even if you just bet for fun.

Handicap Betting 101: balancing sports advantages

There are different systems of handicap, but the essence of this form of betting is to balance the difference of quality between teams. Teams like PSG, especially when they play in their domestic Ligue 1, don’t have great odds in the 1×2 market. The reason is simple: the expectations for a victory of PSG are always high. The last PSG game in their domestic league ended 0-0, but the odds for a victory on the road against Reims last weekend would have been of just 1.34. Professionals focus on high odds, preferentially over 2, because of the way they bet. But how could you find such odds to bet on PSG? The Asian Handicap is the perfect solution.

Why AH Odds for big teams are bigger

The chances of Paris Saint-Germain winning their upcoming game are big. The market had an expectation of 74.62% according to the odds of 1.34 (100% / 1.34 ~= 74.62%). But trying to guess the advantage of PSG in the score as of the end of the game makes things more interesting. Professional bettors have precise methods to calculate the chances and odds in the leagues that they focus on. That said, they are capable of calculating the chances, or let’s say, PSG winning the next game by 2, 3, 4, or more goals. It depends on several factors including the adversary, whether the match will be a home game or an away game, and other facts including the weather, and injuries, just like 1×2 betting.

Example of an Asian Handicap betting market: expectations of lots of goals

We’re using the situations that affect PSG handicap odds the most, but games between teams of similar quality also have odds in the AH, but we’ll leave this lesson for the next guide, Asian Handicap betting 202. Let’s analyze the odds that were available for Reims 0 – 0 PSG last weekend in the Asian Handicap markets. Reims +1.5 @1.94 PSG -1.5 @1.93 These were the average AH lines available. A handicap of -1.5 goals works this way. If PSG had won the game by two goals or more, the final betting score would be +0.5, a positive number, and the bet would have been profitable. As PSG failed to win the game, the betting result in the handicap scenario was -1.5, so Paris Saint-Germain -1.5 was a lost bet. On the other hand, Reims could have lost the real-life game by 1 goal, and their betting handicap would still be +0.5. In other words, if PSG had won by just one goal, Reims +1.5 @1.94 would still have paid a prize of 94% in profits. The markets were estimating chances of circa 50% for PSG to win by 2 goals or more! So a victory by just one goal wouldn’t have been enough. This is a very typical scenario in the AH markets for big names like PSG, Real Madrid, or Manchester City, for example. For more information about football betting, keep an eye on our betting guides. Our next AH betting guide is also coming soon!

Ligue 1: Outrights Betting Guide


Learn how to bet on the Ligue 1 Outrights market:

The outright or outrights market is where the bettors try to guess what team will win the upcoming or ongoing edition of a football tournament. In this case, the 2022/23 season of Ligue 1. If you want to learn how to bet on soccer, check out this beginners’ guide to football betting. If you want to learn how to bet on other Ligue 1 markets, check out this special Ligue 1 betting guide. Let’s learn how to bet on the upcoming French champions and how to calculate and choose good odds to bet.

Ligue 1 Outright: chances and betting odds

Betting odds are traded and calculated based on the chances of a team winning a specific tournament. The current odds for PSG to win yet another Ligue 1 trophy are 1.03. This means the market considers them the absolute favourites to win. After 10 rounds played, PSG is just 3 points clear over Marseille. But the recent editions of Ligue 1 show that the odds for the Parisian team to win are more than justified.

Protagonists: PSG and the odds to win Ligue 1 2022/2023

PSG has lifted the trophy in 8 out of 10 seasons since 2012/2013. And Paris Saint-Germain has only improved in terms of international protagonism during this 10-season period. They started to have real hopes to win the UEFA Champions League, and it’s fair to say that Monaco was a totally different contender when they still had Mbappé. The title of Nice can be described as a lack of focus of PSG on Ligue 1 because the team certainly is the protagonist of this league. But aren’t the odds for the potential triumph of other clubs a bit too big? Let’s learn how to translate outright odds into percentages.

How to calculate soccer outright betting odds

This is how to calculate the underlying percentage of an odd, considering it to be a fair odd. We’ll explain more in detail soon what a fair odd is, but for now, have in mind that a fair odd is one that reflects the exact chance of an event happening. PSG Chances to win the Ligue 1 2022 / 2023 edition. Average market odds: 1.03 100% (all possibilities of all teams winning) / 1.03 = 97.08% If you divide all possibilities combined by the odds, you obtain the underlying percentage. So the market sees PSG as having a probability of 97.08% to win the current season. Are these numbers accurate, considering the little advantage of PSG right now in the classification table?

Analyzing the current chances of PSG winning Ligue 1 2022/2023

PSG won 80% of the last 10 seasons of Ligue 1. They also won 80% of the last 5 seasons. The fair odds for PSG to have just an 80% of chance would be 1.25, as per the calculations below: 100% (all possibilities) / 80% = 1.25 So the odds for PSG to win can indeed be a little too low considering the recent past. Other factors however indicate that some PSG players are taking the domestic season more seriously than ever to prepare for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Marseille has odds of 25.83, Monaco 45.83, and Lille, the winners of the 2020/2021 season, 325.83. Clearly, the market doesn’t see other teams as true contenders. But the football betting markets are full of unlikely odds being paid, such as Leicester, which had odds of 5001.0 to win the English Premier League in 2016!

UEFA Champions League Betting Guide


UEFA Champions League Betting Guide:

Do you follow the games of PSG? Their European fixtures certainly are what their footballers care about the most. Messi, Neymar, and even Mbappé would certainly be looking for greener pastures or football pitches if PSG was all about Ligue 1. Of course, the domestic French league is full of opportunities to bet and have fun watching, but top-quality footballers like the attackers we mentioned, as well as Sergio Ramos, Donnarumma, and Verratti, among others, want to win the biggest competition of soccer at club level. Let’s learn what are the betting markets of the top European competition to profit from your soccer betting knowledge in the very next matchday!

UEFA Champions League betting markets: match result

You can bet on each match result, using odds from the 1×2 market as well as handicap betting, including the popular Asian Handicap as well as European handicap. You can also bet in special markets like the Draw no Bet (DNB). In essence, this market is very simple: all you have to do is guess correctly the result in markets like what team will win, if there will be a match draw, and in the handicap case, what the difference in the score will be.

International football and domestic football: how to profit from international bets

The key to understanding this market and earning profits is to see the difference between domestic fixtures and international games. In domestic games, the teams usually know each other very well, and they can communicate easily with the referee as they live in the same country, among other differences. The trips to the games are longer (Juventus, for example, is traveling to Israel in the upcoming week for a group-stage game against Maccabi Haifa FC!). Sometimes it may not be easy to understand the exact difference of quality between teams before they face each other. Head-to-head statistics need to be used carefully because the last game between any given team can be rather old. There are some extreme examples: Real Madrid recently faced Shakhtar Donetsk, but the Ukrainian team didn’t have the usual Brazilian legion as most foreign players left Ukraine due to the war. This situation made the past stats completely outdated qualitatively. The key to profiting from your soccer bets is always good research and knowledge. So to find fresh information about PSG in the UEFA Champions League betting market scenario, keep an eye on our home page.

Secondary UEFA Champions League Betting Markets

There are several other markets to bet. You can bet on what team will win the current edition of the UEFA Champions League, as well as what player will be the top scorer in the competition. You can bet on whether a team will qualify for the group stage, then to the knockout phase, and ultimately whether this team will progress to the quarter-finals, the semi-finals, and the big final. In this sense, the market works just like the upcoming FIFA World Cup. There are other secondary markets like Yellow card betting and red cards too. Keep an eye on our betting guides to learn everything about football betting! If you’re starting your journey in the world of sports betting, check out our beginners guide to football betting.

Ligue 1 Betting Guide: PSG Matches and More


Ligue 1 Football Betting Guide:

If you’re a reader of our analysis content and you want to start betting using the information we bring to you, then this guide was made for you. Ligue 1 is more exciting than many may think: well, it is indeed very likely that PSG will lift yet another trophy of the French domestic league, but there are several different markets that you can discover.

Ligue 1: Match Result Betting

You can bet on each game of the season. That means there are 380 football matches to bet on each domestic season in France. If you add to the account other games that have French teams like UEFA Champions League and Europa League, you can really use your Ligue 1 expertise to profit from your French football knowledge. The match result betting includes the traditional 1×2 market, as well as the Asian handicap market. PSG is very interesting to bet using handicaps as they often win by more than just one goal.

Betting on the upcoming French Champions

Some may wonder: can you really bet on PSG to win the Ligue one? Even when they are 3 points clear and above Marseille? Absolutely! The betting markets are that exciting indeed. Of course, the market is adjusted based on the chances of an event happening. So let’s say if PSG has a poor start in any season, and is like 3rd or 4th in the classification table, let’s say, by the 12th round, the odds will be more interesting than the current 1.03 for PSG to win the 2022/2023 season of Ligue 1.

Secondary Betting Markets: Ligue 1 soccer betting

Don’t feel disappointed if you consider 1.03 as unattractive odds. You can bet on every single game of PSG, and only when you feel like they’re about to win. You can also bet live, which means you can wait to see if they are performing well before placing a bet. You can also bet on the number of goals of a game, the number of yellow cards, whether there will be a red card, the number of corner kicks, and several other markets.

Summary: How to bet on French Football and Ligue 1

You can bet on any major soccer tournament these days. But if you like PSG and you follow them, you’re likely to have good knowledge about them and the domestic adversaries they face at Ligue 1. You can transform this sports knowledge into betting profits. If you want more tips to develop your betting skills, check our beginners’ guide to football betting. Last but not least, we publish for you betting previews and betting reviews about the performance of PSG in the betting markets. Check our betting review about yesterday’s game Reims 0 – 0 PSG.

Red Cards: Betting Guide


How to bet on Red cards – secondary football betting markets:

There are several ways to bet on football games, including PSG matches. If you don’t know anything about betting you can check our Begginers’ Guide to Football Betting. Moreover, before jumping into the contents of red card betting you may want to learn how to bet on the yellow cards’ betting market. Yesterday PSG had a game full of cards against Reims. Would that have been a nice game to bet on cards?

Red card betting: unlike the Yellow card betting market

In most football games there are more yellow cards than red cards, the exception being games where there are major fights between the teams and lots of players end up being sent off, but these are rare cases. For that reason, the yellow card betting market is a typical over/under market. Red card betting is organized around whether a specific team or the match itself will have a red card or not. Let’s see some examples from an upcoming game today between Lille and Lens, part of the tenth round of Ligue 1 2022/2023. A red card in the match: 4.33 Red Card in Second Half: 5.0 Lens to have a red card: 7.0 Lille to have a red card: 8.0 Red Card in First Half: 15.0 Both teams to have a red card: 51.0 These are average market odds right now.

The probabilities and numbers behind red card football betting odds

Let’s understand the reasons behind the odds above. Each odd has an underlying number. The odds stabilize around the expectations of the market. Let’s use the easiest example above: a Red card in the second half. The odds of 5.0 mean that the market expects a chance of circa 20% for this game to produce a red in the 2nd half. That’s why: 100% = all possible results. 20% = expectation/probability of a red in the 2nd half. 100% / 20% = 5.0. The odds of ‘a red card in the match’, that is, whatever moment including the first and the second half, must be lower (4.33 in this case) than just for the second half. The probability of a red in the first half is not big, that’s why the odds for a red in the first half are bigger (15.0). The explanation is simple: the second half is when the game is decided, defending players often have yellows and the players are usually more nervous, tired, and often make poor decisions. You may wonder why the odds for both teams to have reds is so big. Well, it’s simple: statistically, according to these odds, around 2% of the games have reds shown to both sides! Here’s the math behind it: 100% / 51.0 ~= 1.96%

How to beat the red card markets: soccer betting tips

Some stuff is rather obvious like if many players have a yellow, in the in-running market, then the live scenario may prove to be profitable. If the coach subs in a particularly violent player, especially a defensive player like a centre-back or a defensive midfielder, that can be interesting to bet on the reds. If, on the other hand, we have a case in which both teams are happy with the result, like a draw that will bring them the points they need in the last round of a competition like Ligue 1, then the game tends to be calmer. Use your football betting knowledge on your behalf to profit with Ligue 1 and UEFA Champions League bets!  

Yellow Cards: Betting Guide


Secondary betting markets: yellow cards

Nowadays games of big leagues like Ligue 1 and the UEFA Champions League have around 100 betting markets for each separate game. It means that every single match is a multiverse of betting options. If you add the variety of odds due to market fluctuation and sports facts like goals, injuries, and substitutions, the options are infinite indeed. Let’s learn more about this popular betting market: yellow cards But before jumping into the contents of this secondary market, you can check our Beginners’ Guide to Football Betting if you want to learn the basics.

Betting on the number of yellow cards

The number of yellows that a team will get is not arbitrary. There are ways to predict if a game is likely to produce a big number of yellow cards or not. Some teams are prone to violent fouls. Their average of yellow cards will be bigger, which will affect the betting odds. This means you can’t just bet on teams without considering the odds, because your profits will be affected by the prices (odds) that you get on the markets. To profit in the long run you need to anticipate what will happen.

Examples of how to anticipate the markets

Let’s suppose that PSG is facing a strong adversary like Real Madrid on the road. In this hypothetical scenario, it’s the second leg of the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League, and the aggregate result right now is PSG 1 – 0 Real Madrid. Both Marquinhos and Sergio Ramos already have received yellow cards. The best centre-backs that usually start on the bench are injured, including Kimpembe. This means the coach will have to count on the experience regulars to avoid the red. In this scenario, we’re not much likely to see yellow with PSG. Attacking teams tend to produce fewer yellows. This means you should bet against them in this scenario.

Over/Under Yellows

The market of yellow cards is a typical over/under market. It means you need to bet if the game or a team will have a specific number of cards. We’ll publish a detailed guide about over/under markets, but we’ll explain with a simple example. If you bet on the game to have over 3.5 yellow cards, you lose the bet if the game has 3 cards or less, and you win it in case it produces 4 or more cards. The market uses a decimal number to avoid a ‘betting draw’ which is a concept we’ll also explore in an upcoming guide.

Yellow card betting markets

There are several markets for yellow cards. You can bet if a specific player will receive one. You can also bet on who’ll be the first player to get one. You can bet on what team will get the first one, and, you can even bet whether there’ll be any yellow in the match (over/under 0.5 cards), and if a specific team will have any yellow (visitors over/under 0.5 yellows) Summary Like any other market, this is an exciting secondary one that can be a profitable one based on sports knowledge. You can make the most of your knowledge regarding the situation of the teams, the mood of the teams, and more. The last game of PSG yesterday, the draw against Reims was a game full of cards. Check our betting review of Reims 0 – 0 PSG to see our analysis about match result betting and whether you can profit from betting on PSG to win games or only through handicaps.

Reims 0 – 0 PSG : Betting Review


Betting results of Reims 0 – 0 PSG:

The betting markets are very interesting as you can profit and lose betting on the same team. Today, bettors that were daring enough to choose Reims in the 1×2 market would have lost their bets on the odds of an average 8.65 to the victory of the hosts. But the same wouldn’t have happened in the Asian Handicap markets, at least in the most popular lines.

Reims 0 – 0: Asian Handicap match result betting outcome

The big markets with high limits in Asia focus on the even odds scenario, and the lines move accordingly. We’ll publish a guide about Asian Handicap very soon. The market odds of AH for this match stabilized at lines of PSG – 1.5 and Reims +1.5 @1.94 average odds. That shows how the market had expected PSG to win, and the question was more like what would be the number of goals that PSG would score, not whether the side from Paris would win or not. The AH line Reims +0.5 had odds of circa 3.41. This selection is mathematically equivalent to ‘1X’ or ‘1 or X’ which are more popular terms of the betting jargon in the European markets.

Betting on PSG in the 1X2 market: can I profit doing that?

The betting markets work around the concept of odds. A bettor that has bet on all 8 games that PSG won so far could have lost money betting on the wrong odds. And a player that has bet on all victories of PSG so far, could have made a profit, in spite of the fact that PSG failed to win 2 of their 10 Ligue 1 games so far in the season. It’s all about the odds! The concept of value in soccer betting means you must bet at odds that are ‘generous enough’ otherwise you’ll lose money.

Betting for value: PSG and the Ligue 1: the 1×2 market

The 1×2 market is the most popular one to bet on the victory of a specific team or the match draw. If you had bet on PSG to win their games, whether they were the ‘1’ or ‘2’ selection in a specific round of Ligue 1, this is the math you need to have in mind. 100% (all ten games) / 80% (the games PSG won, 8 of 10 so far) = 100%/80% = 1.25 This is the trade secret. If you bet on odds of over 1.25, let’s say, for example, 1.35, this would have brought home a profit. If, for example, you had bet €100 on each game, this is the betting result of the hypothetical scenario: €100 * 1.35 = €135 – €100 = €35 = profit per game. In the first 8 games, you collected €35 in profits. This means a profit of €280. But you lost €200 with two failed bets of €100 each. This means that after ten rounds, your betting result was a profit of €80. The ‘limit’ to make a profit would be 2 games of ‘betting losses’. In summary, the problem with markets of low odds is you can’t be wrong very often! If you had bet at fair odds of 1.25, in all ten games of PSG so far, in the 1×2 markets, the bet on their victory wouldn’t have been profitable. The result would be ‘void’. Check the math behind it below. Bets of €100 @ 1.25 = profits of €25. 8 profitable bets of €25 = 8 * €25 = €200 But the two lost bets out of ten, would have ‘consumed’ your profits. It’s important to note that betting profits are the ‘extra money’ that you can get from the bookie. If you bet €120 and the bet result is €200, your profit is €80 and not €200. We’ll have a betting accountancy guide coming soon! Count on us to improve your betting performance in the games of PSG, Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League, World Cup, and more!

Beginners’ Guide to Football Betting


The concept of odds – the key to sports betting:

Before you understand the different betting markets, you need to understand what’s a football odd. The odds are multipliers that determine your potential profits. Because they represent the demand of the market for a specific event, they are compared to prices by sports betting specialists. We’ll have a specific guide comparing different styles to display odds such as the decimal odds, the fractional odds, and the moneylines, but for now, we’ll the most simple system out there which is the decimal system. If you believe PSG has 50% of chance to win the upcoming game, no matter the adversary, then the odds should be 2.0 according to your calculation. This is because of the formula below 100% (all possible results) / 50% (PSG chances to win) = 2.0 If the odds available are for example 2.5, it means the odd contains value, that is, the market is miscalculating PSG’s chances in case you are right. Professional bettors chase value as it is the essence of soccer betting profits. This is the basic explanation, but for more information we’ll have an advanced guide to value betting coming soon.

The soccer betting markets

A betting market is a selection that you can bet, for example, the 1×2 results of a game. You can also bet on the number of goals of a game, the goals of the 1st or second half, the number of corner kicks, and whether there will be a red card in the match or not. You can also bet on the upcoming winner of a specific competition like Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League, or the 2022 FIFA World Cup which is about to start. A market is simply a type of bet. The term may be confusing, it doesn’t mean a different betting shop or group of shops.

How to profit with soccer bets: using your knowledge

The key to profiting with football betting is simple, you need to be ‘more right’ than the market. The odds as you now know are calculated according to the underlying percentage that represents the perceived chance of an event happening. In other words, there are ‘degrees’ or ‘depths’ of knowledge. Let’s use an example that two people that I met in the past told me. A professional punter from Uruguay, very profitable and who used to live off his betting, told me he had discovered back in 2008 that at that time, if a football game had one goal until the minute 23 of the first half, then it was very likely that this game would have another goal before half time. The optimal odds to this system were circa 1.85 back at the time. But then my boss and mentor told me ‘Lucas, you need to be very certain to bet on the first half, it’s a very specific market, bet only, for example, if a specific team or player is prone to do so based on recent events observation’. Both investors were right, they had different degrees of market knowledge. But they knew what they were doing. It doesn’t mean you can’t just bet based on gut feeling and have fun. But it’s also important to know if you’re seriously chasing profits, or simply having fun, understanding your own situation is the key to responsible gambling. Now that you know more about sports betting, open an account with one of our trusted partners and have fun!

Marquinhos in the World Cup: What to Expect


What to Expect from Marquinhos in Qatar?

Marquinhos is a key player for the team of Tite. Not only the player is significantly younger than Thiago Silva, he is also very similar to Sérgio Ramos in the sense that he scores goals frequently. And Brazil may eventually need to see their centre-backs scoring goals in the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Marquinhos is also an important player in the sense that Tite tested a lot of players during his spell, and one of Brazil’s biggest weaknesses is precisely the excessive turnover. Brazil didn’t do the basics to prepare for the World Cup: repeat the line-up as much as possible. Part of the problem has to do with the poor quality of most teams from CONMEBOL except from Brazil and Argentina. Marquinhos is one of the names that is used to wear the colours of Brazil. That experience will probably be of help. And considering that Neymar is a key player too, Marquinhos is a close teammate from PSG that may be a positive voice in terms of helping to keep Neymar under control when he suffers violent fouls.

Marquinhos: A Central Defensive Midfielder?

Marquinhos performed well as a CDM at PSG when it was necessary in the past. Considering the recent past of Brazil’s coach Tite and the lack of a proper consolidated formation during his 8 years in command, it’s not unlikely to imagine more improvisations like this one happening during the tournament. However, based on the last friendlies that Brazil played against Ghana and Tunisia before the World Cup, Neymar is much more likely to perform in a different position, as an attacking midfielder, than Marquinhos as a CDM.

Will Marquinhos score in the World Cup?

Some teams have taller players than others, and therefore the Centre backs are more prone to try to score in corner kicks or fouls that become crossed balls into the box. Brazil only has Richarlison as a player that can score headers easily, the other attacking players are more like wingers, which means Marquinhos, and Thiago Silva often tries to help the attackers when the opportunities present themselves.

Marquinhos to score: Betting Markets in the World Cup

This type of market, that is, betting on a specific player to score goals in a match or tournament is highly specific. To excel in those markets, one needs to spot the opportunity to profit. If a player starts to score too many goals, then the odds will naturally drop, and the potential bet may not be that rewarding. Good bettors anticipate what will happen. Let’s suppose that Brazil is playing against a team that is defending a lot, the wingers are not getting good chances, and the match is producing lots of corner kicks for Brazil. Then you would have a good reason to bet on Marquinhos or even other tall players like Thiago Silva and Richarlison to score. Summary Marquinhos is probably living his prime in terms of his combination of experience and relative youth at 28. We can expect him to be an important CB for Brazil, potentially a scorer of some goals and most certainly one of the leaders of this team.