What to Expect from Marquinhos in Qatar?

Marquinhos is a key player for the team of Tite. Not only the player is significantly younger than Thiago Silva, he is also very similar to Sérgio Ramos in the sense that he scores goals frequently.

And Brazil may eventually need to see their centre-backs scoring goals in the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Marquinhos is also an important player in the sense that Tite tested a lot of players during his spell, and one of Brazil’s biggest weaknesses is precisely the excessive turnover.
Brazil didn’t do the basics to prepare for the World Cup: repeat the line-up as much as possible. Part of the problem has to do with the poor quality of most teams from CONMEBOL except from Brazil and Argentina.

Marquinhos is one of the names that is used to wear the colours of Brazil. That experience will probably be of help. And considering that Neymar is a key player too, Marquinhos is a close teammate from PSG that may be a positive voice in terms of helping to keep Neymar under control when he suffers violent fouls.

Marquinhos: A Central Defensive Midfielder?

Marquinhos performed well as a CDM at PSG when it was necessary in the past. Considering the recent past of Brazil’s coach Tite and the lack of a proper consolidated formation during his 8 years in command, it’s not unlikely to imagine more improvisations like this one happening during the tournament.

However, based on the last friendlies that Brazil played against Ghana and Tunisia before the World Cup, Neymar is much more likely to perform in a different position, as an attacking midfielder, than Marquinhos as a CDM.

Will Marquinhos score in the World Cup?

Some teams have taller players than others, and therefore the Centre backs are more prone to try to score in corner kicks or fouls that become crossed balls into the box.
Brazil only has Richarlison as a player that can score headers easily, the other attacking players are more like wingers, which means Marquinhos, and Thiago Silva often tries to help the attackers when the opportunities present themselves.

Marquinhos to score: Betting Markets in the World Cup

This type of market, that is, betting on a specific player to score goals in a match or tournament is highly specific.

To excel in those markets, one needs to spot the opportunity to profit. If a player starts to score too many goals, then the odds will naturally drop, and the potential bet may not be that rewarding.

Good bettors anticipate what will happen. Let’s suppose that Brazil is playing against a team that is defending a lot, the wingers are not getting good chances, and the match is producing lots of corner kicks for Brazil. Then you would have a good reason to bet on Marquinhos or even other tall players like Thiago Silva and Richarlison to score.

Marquinhos is probably living his prime in terms of his combination of experience and relative youth at 28. We can expect him to be an important CB for Brazil, potentially a scorer of some goals and most certainly one of the leaders of this team.