It has been one disappointment after the other when it comes to the UEFA Champions League, just like trying to win a particular slot at one of the best online casino sites. PSG has been close, yet so far from achieving the ultimate goal of conquering Europe. 

From the bad memory in Paris against Manchester United in the 18/19 season to the unlucky final loss of 19/20, the ousting by Manchester City, and the chaos of the 21/22 season. On paper, the team has been solid and looked good enough to conquer Europe. However, that hasn’t been the case over the years.

The signing of Messi looked like it was going to solve the problem, but it only seemed to be worse this season after the embarrassing show against Real Madrid this season. PSG need to find a way to improve their current squad unless the problem continues, and there have been speculations around the team that can make things worse.

For instance, Kylian Mbappe is likely to end up in Madrid on a free next season, weakening the team as he has been the best player. Winning the Champions League is not an easy task. However, is there a chance this current squad will make it above the line next season? Keep reading to find out what we think. 

The Front Three

At the start of the season, getting Messi to join the ranks on a free seemed like the best transfer in Europe. However, it hasn’t looked like that through the course of the season, and even though PSG is back to winning the league, the Champions League remains elusive. As a result, the main issue hasn’t been dealt with properly.

The front three of Neymar, Messi, and Mbappe are formidable anywhere as these three have lots of talent and can single-handedly make things happen. However, in some UCL games, they looked average and not up to their usual standards. Many speculate that the issue is with the coaching. But we think that there is more to it. 

If PSG is going to win the UCL and these three are still together, they need to find a way to work together and play to their strength. 

Defensive Woes

A major flaw in the PSG design is how open the defensive line becomes after an attack. It becomes an easy target for many teams to exploit, and as a result, it is hard to play well in the UCL. A good example was the second leg against City, where the team was scrambling to find a foothold throughout the match.

There was a disconnect between the front three and the defense. This also spilled over to the match against Real Madrid in the last 16. The first leg was good, but in the second leg after the first hand, in 17 minutes, the team was in shambles, and as a result, Benzema and Madrid pounced to knock them out. 

Kylian Mbappe’s Future

One of the biggest worries for PSG next season is Kylian Mbappe. It is clear that he wants to go to Spain and play for Madrid. Therefore, getting him to sign a new contract will be difficult, and since Madrid can match his wages, convincing him with money won’t make it easy.

As a result, many fans already believe that PSG would lose Mbappe, and they would have to rely on aging Messi and Neymar alongside other players to bring home the trophy. It will not be easy with Mbappe missing from the squad, but PSG can always reinforce their team by going for a strong player.

The Manager

Many fans believe that a big problem with the team this season is the coach’s tactics that do not fit the players he has. Therefore, it is possible that a personnel change in that department would take the team to a different level, making it possible for PSG to win the UCL trophy. 

Although the entire problem and woes of PSG might not all be down to Pochettino, he has a big part to play. And if he remains coach next season, there is plenty of work for him to do to ensure the team performs better and wins the UCL trophy. Undoubtedly, we look forward to how things unfold as we enter the new season. 

What We Think

If PSG has a shot at winning the Champions League next season, many things have to change. The team needs a more solid defensive shape that can hold on for a long time. In addition to that, the attack needs to help out more, and better coaching tactics will go a long way to help the team. The UCL will come to Paris next season if all this is done.