The World Cup winner has shown how he was invited to train with the youth groups of the two European superpowers but ultimately ended up in Monaco.

Kylian Mbappe has shown how Zinedine Zidane personally greeted him at the airport after he had been invited to train with the Real Madrid youth group during the week of his 14th birthday.

The France international, who became the second most expensive player ever when he joined Paris Saint-Germain on a permanent deal in 2018, also travelled to London and educated with Chelsea for a youngster.

In a column written by Mbappe for the Players’ Tribune, he explained: “When I was 11 years old, I must go to London for a couple of days to train with Chelsea’s youth team.

“I was so shocked and excited that I did not even need to tell my friends from the area where I was moving. When I came back home, my friends saw me and said,’Kylian, where were you ?’

“I said, ‘I was in London with Chelsea.’ They said,’Pfff, no it is impossible.’ I said,’No, I swear, I met Drogba.’

“They said,’Pfff, you are lying. Drogba does not meet children from Bondy. It Isn’t possible !”

Zidane has made no secret of his admiration for Mbappe, with Real Madrid having always been connected with a single day signing the 21-year-old.

He has, nevertheless, been acquainted with the club, and their French head coach, before, with Mbappe describing how Zidane picked him up from the airport to take him into a Madrid training session.

The PSG feeling wrote: “Right before my 14th birthday, I got an extraordinary surprise. My dad received a call from somebody at Real Madrid, inviting me to visit Spain for a training session over the holiday break.

“It was a shock since they actually told my dad, ‘Zidane would love to see your son.’ At the moment, Zizou was the athletic manager. Needless to say, I was over the moon. I was desperate to go.

“But it wasn’t so straightforward, really, because scouts were beginning to come to our games (Mbappe’s local team AS Bondy), and I had been getting some attention from the media.

“When you are 13 years old, you do not know how to handle it. There was lots of pressure, and my family needed to shield me.

“But it was my 14th birthday that week, and that which I did not understand is that my parents were organising everything with the club so that they could take me to Madrid as a gift. Quite a surprise for me!

“And believe it or not, we did not tell anyone where we were going. I didn’t even tell my closest friends, because I was too nervous. If things did not go well, I did not want to return to my own neighbourhood and disappoint them.

“I won’t ever forget the moment that we arrived at the training center from the airport. Zidane met us at the parking lot by his car, and it was a very wonderful car, obviously. We said’hello’, and then he offered to drive me to the area for training. He was pointing in the front seat, like,’Go on, get in.’

“But I just froze and I asked,’If I take my shoes off?’ Hahaha! I don’t know why I mentioned that. However, it was Zizou’s automobile! He thought that was really funny. He said, ‘Of course not, come on, get in.’

“He drove me to the training pitch, and that I was just thinking to myself, I’m in Zizou’s car. I’m Kylian from Bondy. This isn’t real. I need to still be sleeping on the plane. Sometimes, even when you’re living something, it seems just like a dream.”