Former Paris Saint-Germain star Lucas Moura was recently featured in a video as he and a couple of his Tottenham Hotspur teammates were tested on their NFL knowledge recently.

Indeed, the Brazilian will be able to watch a handful of American Football matches whilst he remains at the Premier League side, as the sport is played at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on a handful of occasions each season as the league continues to look to try and build its reputation on the other side of the Atlantic.

However, there does not appear to be a need to try and convince Moura and convert him into becoming a fan, as he seems to know a fair bit about the game that is also called ‘football’.

In Tottenham’s video with Betway, he can be seen teaming up with Wales international Ben Davies as the duo take on Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Sergio Reguilon in a little contest regarding all things NFL and across three different rounds.

The first round featured a game of charades where the Brazilian had to try and mime out the team that he was provided with to Davis, who was then tasked with trying to correctly guess what he was saying.

They managed to do rather well in this round, though, although they did find that they were 4-3 down after they were unable to get a point for the Baltimore Ravens.

Round 2 saw the duo really show their understanding and knowledge of the NFL and American Football, as the pair were able to easily bust the jargon that had been provided to them.

Indeed, words and phrases such as ‘horse collar’, ‘hail mary’ and ‘flea flicker’ were mentioned, with both players able to explain what they meant, although it seems the latter of those phrases had to go to a VAR decision.

In the final round, they were tasked with needing to plot where the teams in the NFL are based on a blank map of the United States of America; a feat that they managed to do successfully.

Moura – alongside Davies – was able to be the winner of the mini-competition against Reguilon and Hojbjerg as they beat them 12-11 which seemed to surprise the pair as the Welshman stated: “how badly did they do if we won with this!”

Of course, the NFL season has entered the offseason after the LA Rams became Super Bowl LVI champions after defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 and Moura might be hoping that it is not too long before the new season begins.