With PSG seemingly having decided, wisely, not to bring Cristiano Ronaldo on board, there are sure to be questions about their potential transfer activity during and after this World Cup. The club has never lacked talented individuals, and there have been at least a few players who have come through the club with no team ethic, so there’s been little reason for them to join the clubs leading the betting for CR7’s next club at sites on ukonlinecasinoslist.com. However, there is some unfinished business for the club, who made the Champions’ League final in 2020 but could not lift the trophy. And there could be some sense in signing one or more players who are currently busy in Qatar to help remedy that.

Let’s get one thing straight – for as long as Kylian Mbappe is at the club, there is little point in calling out for a striker. There are more than enough star forwards at the Parc des Princes, with plenty of talented alternatives bubbling under. If PSG are finally to realise their aim of lifting the premier club trophy in Europe, their needs are further back. So it is at those areas that we will be looking as we muse on potential January transfers at the club.

Ilkay Gundogan (Germany and Manchester City)

There are many Manchester City fans who will tell you that Gundogan is the player the club could least afford to lose. Admittedly, there are fans who will tell you the same about almost every player at the Etihad Stadium, so take it with a pinch of salt. Nonetheless, Gundogan is one of those players who seems perpetually to be in form. There are no visible weaknesses in his game, and he is more than happy to churn away in the midfield engine room while more expensive players shine further forward. Admittedly, there is an irony in PSG trying to strengthen their Champions League hand by signing someone from a team that’s also desperate to end a hoodoo in that competition, but he’s a very good player.

Manuel Ugarte (Uruguay and Sporting)

The PSG way, over the years, has been to sign the ready-made stars of world football in a bid to create a team that wins now. The PSG way has also been to not win the Champions League, so it is worth considering changes to the profile of players they are trying to sign. Ugarte, at just 21, has been a standout for his club and – in his six appearances so far – for his country too. He’s not a flashy player (he has three career goals in just over 110 games), but he does give those players the chance to shine, and he has years to mature alongside some of the world’s best players.

Pau Torres (Spain and Villarreal)

It is almost a certainty that Torres will leave Villarreal at some stage: even though he has become a mainstay in the national team and played in a Champions’ League semi-final with his current club, it just seems inevitable. There are too many teams with too much money and too few world-class centre-backs for Torres, and Villarreal, not to have their heads turned by an offer eventually. Now would be a good time to bid for him – Torres is as close as you’ll get to a guaranteed successful signing. He’s one of the most poised and efficient defenders in the world, and he’ll get sent off less than Sergio Ramos.