Reims 0 – 0 PSG : Betting Review


Betting results of Reims 0 – 0 PSG:

The betting markets are very interesting as you can profit and lose betting on the same team. Today, bettors that were daring enough to choose Reims in the 1×2 market would have lost their bets on the odds of an average 8.65 to the victory of the hosts. But the same wouldn’t have happened in the Asian Handicap markets, at least in the most popular lines.

Reims 0 – 0: Asian Handicap match result betting outcome

The big markets with high limits in Asia focus on the even odds scenario, and the lines move accordingly. We’ll publish a guide about Asian Handicap very soon.
The market odds of AH for this match stabilized at lines of PSG – 1.5 and Reims +1.5 @1.94 average odds.

That shows how the market had expected PSG to win, and the question was more like what would be the number of goals that PSG would score, not whether the side from Paris would win or not.

The AH line Reims +0.5 had odds of circa 3.41. This selection is mathematically equivalent to ‘1X’ or ‘1 or X’ which are more popular terms of the betting jargon in the European markets.

Betting on PSG in the 1X2 market: can I profit doing that?

The betting markets work around the concept of odds. A bettor that has bet on all 8 games that PSG won so far could have lost money betting on the wrong odds.

And a player that has bet on all victories of PSG so far, could have made a profit, in spite of the fact that PSG failed to win 2 of their 10 Ligue 1 games so far in the season.

It’s all about the odds! The concept of value in soccer betting means you must bet at odds that are ‘generous enough’ otherwise you’ll lose money.

Betting for value: PSG and the Ligue 1: the 1×2 market

The 1×2 market is the most popular one to bet on the victory of a specific team or the match draw.

If you had bet on PSG to win their games, whether they were the ‘1’ or ‘2’ selection in a specific round of Ligue 1, this is the math you need to have in mind.

100% (all ten games) / 80% (the games PSG won, 8 of 10 so far) = 100%/80% = 1.25
This is the trade secret. If you bet on odds of over 1.25, let’s say, for example, 1.35, this would have brought home a profit.

If, for example, you had bet €100 on each game, this is the betting result of the hypothetical scenario:
€100 * 1.35 = €135 – €100 = €35 = profit per game.

In the first 8 games, you collected €35 in profits. This means a profit of €280. But you lost €200 with two failed bets of €100 each.

This means that after ten rounds, your betting result was a profit of €80.
The ‘limit’ to make a profit would be 2 games of ‘betting losses’.

In summary, the problem with markets of low odds is you can’t be wrong very often!
If you had bet at fair odds of 1.25, in all ten games of PSG so far, in the 1×2 markets, the bet on their victory wouldn’t have been profitable. The result would be ‘void’. Check the math behind it below.

Bets of €100 @ 1.25 = profits of €25.
8 profitable bets of €25 = 8 * €25 = €200
But the two lost bets out of ten, would have ‘consumed’ your profits.

It’s important to note that betting profits are the ‘extra money’ that you can get from the bookie. If you bet €120 and the bet result is €200, your profit is €80 and not €200.
We’ll have a betting accountancy guide coming soon!
Count on us to improve your betting performance in the games of PSG, Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League, World Cup, and more!