Ligue 1 Betting Guide: PSG Matches and More


Ligue 1 Football Betting Guide:

If you’re a reader of our analysis content and you want to start betting using the information we bring to you, then this guide was made for you.

Ligue 1 is more exciting than many may think: well, it is indeed very likely that PSG will lift yet another trophy of the French domestic league, but there are several different markets that you can discover.

Ligue 1: Match Result Betting

You can bet on each game of the season. That means there are 380 football matches to bet on each domestic season in France. If you add to the account other games that have French teams like UEFA Champions League and Europa League, you can really use your Ligue 1 expertise to profit from your French football knowledge.

The match result betting includes the traditional 1×2 market, as well as the Asian handicap market. PSG is very interesting to bet using handicaps as they often win by more than just one goal.

Betting on the upcoming French Champions

Some may wonder: can you really bet on PSG to win the Ligue one? Even when they are 3 points clear and above Marseille? Absolutely! The betting markets are that exciting indeed.

Of course, the market is adjusted based on the chances of an event happening. So let’s say if PSG has a poor start in any season, and is like 3rd or 4th in the classification table, let’s say, by the 12th round, the odds will be more interesting than the current 1.03 for PSG to win the 2022/2023 season of Ligue 1.

Secondary Betting Markets: Ligue 1 soccer betting

Don’t feel disappointed if you consider 1.03 as unattractive odds. You can bet on every single game of PSG, and only when you feel like they’re about to win.

You can also bet live, which means you can wait to see if they are performing well before placing a bet.

You can also bet on the number of goals of a game, the number of yellow cards, whether there will be a red card, the number of corner kicks, and several other markets.

Summary: How to bet on French Football and Ligue 1

You can bet on any major soccer tournament these days. But if you like PSG and you follow them, you’re likely to have good knowledge about them and the domestic adversaries they face at Ligue 1.

You can transform this sports knowledge into betting profits. If you want more tips to develop your betting skills, check our beginners’ guide to football betting.

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