How to bet on goals: football betting guide


Over/under goals – betting on the number of goals of PSG’s games:

Sometimes you can’t pick up a winning bet in the match result markets, whether it is in the traditional 1×2 market or the advanced Asian Handicap markets.

But even when the winner is difficult to know, for example, when PSG reaches the knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League, sometimes you have an insight regarding the number of goals in a football game.

The over/under goals betting market was created for situations like that. Let’s understand how it works…

Over/under betting: examples of odds

Average football games usually have stable odds in the house of 2 for lines of over/under 2.5 goals. This means the bets are organized around whether you believe the games will have less than two goals or more than two goals.

The reason behind it is simple: this is the average number of goals per game. Most professional competitions have historically between 2 and 3 goals in the last seasons.

Some teams, leagues, and games, however, have different lines. PSG is a team that often scores lots of goals, so naturally, the lines move accordingly. To bet on odds around 2 in the upcoming match between PSG and Benfica, valid for matchday 4 of the UEFA Champions League in the coming Tuesday, you need to bet on the lines over/under 3.5!

The average odds are as follows right now:

Over 3.5: 2.12
Under 3.5: 1.74

This means the market is divided between bettors that believe the game will have more than 3 goals or 3 goals or less!

Real-life situations – understanding when to bet on over/under goals

You already know that PSG games are prone to producing lots of goals. But when to tell, for example, to bet against the goals?

Actually, the upcoming game between PSG and Benfica is possibly a good example of that. The Parisian team failed to win on the road against Benfica last week. Also, PSG failed to win on the weekend against Reims.

The current situation of Group H is also interesting to take into account: if the hosts win the game, by just one goal, they will have 10 points, while Benfica will stall at 7. Juventus, however, can reach 6 points if they win in Israel on the road against Maccabi Haifa.

So matchday 4 will be very important. If PSG can secure a win, by the minimum advantage of one goal, they’ll be able to focus on Ligue 1 as they’re facing a big chase by Marseille. After 10 rounds, the Parisian side is only 3 points clear above the team from the south of France.

So considering that PSG failed to win in Portugal last weekend, maybe they’ll focus on what needs to be done, and avoid attacking without caution once they have scored one or two goals.

Even if PSG wins 3-0 this bet of over 3.5 could still be a winner.

Sometimes games that involve teams full of world-class attackers like Messi, Neymar, and Mbappé, it doesn’t mean we’ll see lots of goals.

Is Under 3.5 or 3.25 goals worth a bet? It’s your call! Check out the offers of our trusted partners, and good luck!