Football Betting 101: the 1×2 market


PSG in the most popular soccer betting market – 1×2:

Paris Saint-Germain is one of the most popular football teams these days, so, naturally, they’re also protagonists in the football betting markets.

Let’s learn how to bet on the team of Neymar, Messi, Mbappé, Sérgio Ramos, Marquinhos, and other stars and discover how you can profit by putting money on the success of these soccer stars.

Understanding soccer odds

There are different systems to bet on football events. The fractional system is more popular at British betting shops, moneylines are popular in the US, but the most popular (and simple) betting odds system out there to bet on football is the decimal system.

We highly recommend you select this odds system at any site of odds comparison or bookmaker, and our articles will focus on them as it is the most efficient out there. We’ll also have a betting guide comparing the odds system and showing how they are mathematically equivalent, but for now, let’s focus on decimals.

Decimal odds: football 1×2 betting

These are the odds for the upcoming UEFA Champions League game between PSG and Benfica in the coming midweek, valid for matchday 4 of the 2022/23 UCL season.

Selection 1 –  Victory of PSG: 1.40

Match draw – selection X – 5.32

Selection 2 – victory of Benfica 7.52

These odds represent the potential prizes that you can win if you bet on each of these selections.

Let’s simulate some scenarios, for bets of €100 on each potential betting result.

PSG victory: €100 * 1.40 = €140
Match draw: €100 * 5.32 = €532
Benfica victory:  €100 * 7.52 = €752

As you can see, betting odds are multipliers that determine the potential prizes. Different potential match results don’t have the same chances of happening. This is proved by statistics and it is the reason why professional bettors often thrive.

So when you hear someone saying ‘both teams have the same chances, they have the same number of players or anything like that, now you know that’s not true and you can even make money off your betting knowledge and football expertise.

Other soccer betting markets: Asian Handicap, Over/under goals, cards, and more

There are numerous markets to bet on a football game. You can bet on the match result, but there are several secondary betting options for you.

These include betting on the number of yellow cards in a game, whether there will be a red card, the number of goals in a match, and even the number of corner kicks. You can also bet on the precise moment of the game when goals will be scored, the correct score of the match, if a specific player will score a goal, and more!

Summary: PSG football betting markets

PSG is a team that often wins in the 1×2 markets, and the odds reflect that. For that reason, many players focus their attention on the Asian Handicap markets to bet on PSG. Check out our fresh betting guide by clicking here.

Keep an eye on our home page for more betting guides and previews to help your profit from your passion for PSG!