Betting Bonus: Beginners’ Guide


Football betting bonus – concept and how to find them:

Have you ever heard about betting bonuses, but you never understood how to claim them and use them? Let’s learn more about these fantastic promotions and how to use them.

Football betting bonuses are promotions that are part of the sports betting product of betting sites. Normally, they apply to all betting odds available on the website, and not only to football (soccer) events.

There are different types of betting bonuses, and they work in very different ways. Let’s learn more about how they work and how to find them.

First Deposit Football Bonus

The most common offer is the first deposit bonus. The goal of the house is to give a freebie to new customers, in exchange for a test of their services. Normally, these free funds are given as a percentage over the first deposit. For example, if there’s a 50% deposit bonus if you deposit $100 you can receive $150 to bet.

Football Betting Bonuses, Terms, and Conditions

However, the extra $50 in betting funds must be bet according to some rules. You can’t simply deposit $100 and try to withdraw $50 right away. The funds must be bet, according to terms and conditions. Sometimes there are minimum odds like 1.50 or 1.80, and sometimes the amount also needs to be rolled over.

A rollover means that you need to bet the money a certain amount of times. A typical example is the bonus money needs to be bet at odds of 1.50+, at least 3 times. So 3 bets of $50, at specific odds.

So there is an element of risk to this free betting money. It is, as it says, a betting bonus, and not a free amount of cash to be withdrawn without betting action.

Comparing soccer betting bonuses

Some websites, that is bookies, have terms and conditions designed to make it almost impossible to withdraw money derived from the bonus and promotions.

Even if you don’t want to dive into the complex rules of the promotion, have a look at websites that compare the quality of sportsbooks and their offers, because they help to find out good offers as well as avoid the sites that try to trick the users.

Betting Bonus and betting performance

The betting bonuses alone won’t guarantee sustained long-term betting profits. To perform well it’s also important to have good information about the upcoming events of teams like PSG. The bonuses, promotions, and sites with high odds will help you, but the key to beating the market and bringing home football betting profits is to follow closely the teams and the leagues that you want to bet most frequently.

We suggest that you go beyond just checking team news, everyone that takes their betting seriously does that too. Try to anticipate the markets by diving deep into the tactics and facts of your favorite teams and leagues and good luck!